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Olympic Veterinary

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Olympic Veterinary is the leading manufacturer of modern, innovative Lifts, Tables and Gurneys designed for today’s rapidly changing veterinary practice.  Every Olympic product offers you new features to save time and improve patient care.  All Olympic equipment meets safety and ergonomic standards to protect your patients and hospital staff from injury.  All equipment manufactured in USA.

Olympic Veterinary Website


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Manufacturer of grooming products, including clippers, trimmers, dryers, blades and other accessories.

Oster Website

Pala-Tech Laboratories

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Pala-Tech Laboratories mission is to develop innovative, high quality, palatable product formulations for use in companion animals…dogs, cats, horses and small mammals.  Their products are sold exclusively to licensed veterinarians to ensure the products are used in accordance with a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship. The pet’s veterinarian is the most qualified individual to determine what is necessary and beneficial for the optimum health of the animal.

Pala-Tech Website


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Manufacturing and focused on the treatment and management of mobility health.

Parnell Website


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PetAg is a manufacturer of nutritional and grooming products for all animals with a concentration on neonate nutrition.

PetAg Website

PRN Pharmacal

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PRN Pharmacal is committed to the development and manufacture of a wide range of products for the enhancement of animal health.

PRN Pharmacal Website

Professional Pharmacy Resources

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Professional Pharmacy Resources provides customized formulations that meet the needs of a particular patient by mixing, concentrating, flavoring, or changing dosage of approved drugs.

Professional Pharmacy Resources Website

Purina Pro Plan

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Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets are formulated to nutritionally manage your canine and feline patients with specific health conditions. Each diet has been developed and tested by a team of Purina scientists, including nutritionists and veterinarians, to understand how nutrition can benefit pets with special health needs.

Purina Pro Plan Website

Rica Surgical Products

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A surgical instrument manufacturer and medical products marketer based in Schiller Park, Illinois.  Since 1984, RICA Surgical Products has been providing high quality surgical instruments, medical equipment and supplies to surgeons, veterinarians, medical hospitals and other health care professionals.

Rica Surgical Website

Rx Vitamins

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Rx Vitamins for Pets is an innovative, nutraceutical company providing veterinarians with nutritional formulations designed to enhance patient outcomes. Since 1998, Rx Vitamins has set the standard in the development of safe, well-researched, condition-specific formulas that provide the veterinarian with a wide choice of treatment options to complement the conventional care of companion animals.

Rx Vitamins Website


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Develops, produces and sells devices and consumables for medicine and science.

Sarstedt Website

Sharps Assure

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A division of MedAssure, an industry-leading comprehensive provider of innovative, efficient, and environment-friendly medical waste disposal services.

Sharps Assure Website

Shor-Line / Veterinary Allyance

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As a global animal health industry innovator, Shor-Line constantly reinvents and adds to an extensive array of products to help animal health professionals provide the best possible care for their companion animal patients and customers. Shor-Line is well known for high quality stainless steel equipment.

Shor-Line Website

Summus Medical Laser (formerly K-Laser)

Photo of Summus Medical Laser (formerly K-Laser)
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Summus Medical Laser is relentlessly focused on developing the most advanced therapeutic lasers that provide a non-surgical solution for clinicians to treat pain, reduce inflammation and aid healing.

Summus Medical Laser Website

SunTech Medical

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Creating advances in clinical-grade blood pressure technology and providing innovative products that improve the quality of patient care.

SunTech Medical Website

Supera Anesthesia Innovations

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Providing the veterinary industry with anesthesia products specifically for veterinary use.

Supera Website

Terumo Medical Products

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Terumo Medical Products (TMP) is a leading manufacturer of injection and infusion therapy devices that help clinicians consistently perform at their very best. Even the most routine parts of healthcare rely on products that meet exacting standards and ensure safety and comfort for everyone – which is why every device Terumo makes is designed to deliver reliable day-to-day care.

Terumo Website

Thornell Corporation

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Thornell is America’s premier supplier of odor elimination products to veterinarians throughout North America.

Thornell Website


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Trimline, a family owned and operated business, focuses on producing innovative, top-quality products helping veterinarians provide the very best care for their patients. In 1998 Trimline introduced their patented, USA made, soft & flexible recovery collar as a humane alternative to the hard, plastic E-Collar – the very first soft E-collar in the world.

Trimline Website

Tuttnauer USA

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Innovative design and engineering features for sterilizers and infection control systems.

Tuttnauer USA Website