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Van Beek Natural Science

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Van Beek currently offers three primary product categories of nutraceuticals including GI health, topicals, and ear care products. These products have active compounds derived from natural plant sources, chosen for their innate health benifits. Most of Van Beek’s products contain their patented active compound Axaphen®.

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Vedco Inc. offers a full line of affordable product solutions for today’s veterinary clinician through a network of 51 distributor locations nationwide.

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VetBiotek provides innovative solutions for veterinary medicine. The VetBiotek management team has over 200 years of cumulative experience in the veterinary marketplace. VetBiotek’s goal is to bring the most advanced, novel ingredients to the veterinary marketplace to assist veterinarians in their management of liver disease, joint support and dermatological conditions.

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VETCLASSICS products are an exclusive, complementary pet health supplement line available to veterinarians only.

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Dedicated exclusively to animal health, Vetoquinol USA is focused on the development, production and marketing of FDA, EPA and AAFCO-regulated pharmaceutical, nutritional and dermatological products for small and large animals.

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VetriScience Laboratories

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Providing veterinarians with powerful products backed by science to complement traditional therapies.  VetriScience is committed to using pure and highly researched ingredients in products that are safe, effective, and developed by vets for vets.

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Virbac US is driven by a passion for enhancing the health of companion animals. In the US, Virbac’s focus is solely on meeting the unique needs of veterinary professionals caring for dogs, cats and other companion animals.

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Virox® Animal Health services the Veterinary and Animal Shelter markets with products that kill tough germs like Parvovirus—FAST but are safer on animals, users and equipment.  Unlike other harsh disinfectants, AHP® powered products do not burn paws, leave overwhelming odours, affect skin or corrode equipment. AHP’s low environmental impact makes for easy, guilt-free disposal and sustainability of all animals on our planet.

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