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Photo of Sarstedt
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Develops, produces and sells devices and consumables for medicine and science.

Sarstedt Website

Sharps Assure

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A division of MedAssure, an industry-leading comprehensive provider of innovative, efficient, and environment-friendly medical waste disposal services.

Sharps Assure Website

Shor-Line / Veterinary Allyance

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As a global animal health industry innovator, Shor-Line constantly reinvents and adds to an extensive array of products to help animal health professionals provide the best possible care for their companion animal patients and customers. Shor-Line is well known for high quality stainless steel equipment.

Shor-Line Website

Summus Medical Laser (formerly K-Laser)

Photo of Summus Medical Laser (formerly K-Laser)
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Summus Medical Laser is relentlessly focused on developing the most advanced therapeutic lasers that provide a non-surgical solution for clinicians to treat pain, reduce inflammation and aid healing.

Summus Medical Laser Website

SunTech Medical

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Creating advances in clinical-grade blood pressure technology and providing innovative products that improve the quality of patient care.

SunTech Medical Website

Supera Anesthesia Innovations

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Providing the veterinary industry with anesthesia products specifically for veterinary use.

Supera Website