As part of our 100 Year Anniversary, Miller Vet has created a Historical Calendar. It provides a great insight into how our company and the industry has changed over the years.


The Flatiron Building where Jack Miller’s first office was located. He would open his mail, pack his outgoing orders and take the packages back to the post office before going home.


Dan Waggoner Building is where Miller Veterinary Supply moved to after the Flatiron Building.  The Dan Waggoner Building was a good example of Fort Worth architecture at the time.  The building was one of the larger building to be demolished.  Demolition took place in the 1970s to make way for the Houston Place Mall and garage.


Mid 1930s to 1948. Part of the T&P terminal in the background.  The current Texas & Pacific Station building was built by the Texas and Pacific Railway. It opened on October 25, 1931, as a replacement for an earlier station. During the heyday of American passenger railroading, the station was also served by trains of the CB&Q (through the subsidiary Colorado and Southern Railroad), Fort Worth and Denver Railway, Missouri Pacific, Katy, and Frisco Lines.


This building caught fire in 1980. Besides being a memorable fire in blistering heat, it was noteworthy because it could be seen all the way from our location near downtown to far northeast Tarrant County. CNN had just signed on in April, and most of Fort Worth couldn’t get cable, so this was the first time many of us saw a CNN helicopter as it covered this story.


This is a picture of the “new” warehouse that we located just two blocks away from us. 201 S. Adams started out in the late 1940s as a Diamond Reo truck dealership and service center.


Jack’s family has sold ownership of Miller Veterinary Supply to some partners with whom we have been dealing with since 2017. They have proven to be committed to quality service and products as well as being responsive to our vendors and our employees. There have been many positive changes within the last two years that were made possible to our partnership, including a more efficient computer system, new products to sell, a very usable online store and more locations.


Miller expanded into the Southeast with a new warehouse location to better serve the southeast region of the United States.


Miller Vet has expanded into Florida with a new warehouse location to better serve our customer base in Florida.