Why Choose Elanco Vaccines?

Elanco Offers a Full Vaccine Line

Meeting Canine and Feline Core and Noncore Vaccine Guidelines. Vaccine Portfolio includes Bronchi-Shield III, the first line of defense against three antigens involved in CIRD, is designed for intranasal immunization against Bordetella bronchiseptica, canine parainfluenza virus and canine adenovirus type 2.  View the Entire Elanco Vaccine Portfolio.

The Elanco Vaccine
Support Guarantee
Elanco’s goal is to help you build stronger relationships with your clients; that’s why they guarantee the efficacy of their pet vaccine products.
Elanco Portfolio Rewards
& Volume Savings
Elanco’s Vaccine Line is included in the Quarterly Rewards and Saving’s Programs Elanco offers. These programs require purchasing through Elanco or an authorized Elanco distributor. The programs do not require enrollments or agreements to sign. The savings and rewards can be very profitable to your practice.

Months of Qualifying Purchases

up to 35%

Total Rebates


Elanco Product Lines Included

only $5,000

Quarterly Purchase Required

ULTRA Vaccines
50% Less Volume
These highly purified ½ mL vaccines are manufactured with PureFil™ Technology. The technology results in higher standards of purification and are designed to:  Reduce unwanted protein and debris. Reduce vaccination reactions associated with unwanted protein and debris. Improve patient experience by reducing vaccine volume to ½ mL to help minimize discomfort.